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John 16: verse 12 – 13

April 15 2014

This is an autobiography of the journey of a Prophet/ Healer through the disease called "Man," Through his messengers eyes, God sees this affliction u...

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Of Jesus And Madmen

Prophet and healer James Craik announces the launch of his latest book Of Jesus and Madmen. Craik’s book takes a revolutionary and controvers...

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  • Are you looking for understanding of your malady?

    I will assist you with a complete protocol of vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathy. To create a well balanced approach to health and wellness. A consultation is performed by appointment to assess and clarify your condition. There is a one-time fee of $250.00 for this service. Should you wish to proceed to the complete protocol, then a price would be based on the natural medicines Plus applicable taxes and shipping. Each subsequent order will be priced accordingly. Arrangements for payment can be made by e-mail/ interactive transfer in Canada or outside of Canada by wire transfer or certified cheque.

  • James Craik - Author

    Health & Wellness

    I am a practising intuitive/ psychic healer and 'Reader'

  • James Craik - Author


    My work is multi-fold in the field of natural health, healing, energy interpretation, intuitive guidance, Prophecy and Exorcism.