I have traveled the world, more specifically in the East and Far East and have gained first-hand knowledge of cultures, medicines and practises of peoples in those regions. During that time the places I had come into contact with were far less advanced than they are today (ie. China, Nepal, Borneo) and it gave me a priceless opportunity to see untainted lifestyles that have been a mainstay for many centuries. I returned to Canada in 1985 to share these journeys and wisdoms passed down to me. In my book “ John 16: verse 12 – 13 “ one can read my autobiography relating to the results of these confrontations. I am continuing on with my life to educate and enhance the life-force we have been given which provide us with a better understanding of the ‘gift of life.’

I have been engaged with the effective instruction and treatment of ‘life’s dis-eases’ that have become like a plague upon mankind. These are mostly self-generated because of the nature of excesses and our social propaganda. We believe what we are told and shun the truth. I have to realize that my mission in life is to provide guidance for those that wish to see the alternative. These individuals will see that having realistic expectations and goals will have a positive effect on their lives and the enjoyment they deserve.