Prophet and Healer James Craik


James Craik was born in Medicine Hat Alberta in 1952, but spent the majority of his life in Calgary. During the early part of his life, he was engaged in a career in the Oil and Gas Industry and began a journey that took around the world. It was during this period that he became aware, while interacting with cultures from many countries in the far east. Upon arriving back in Canada, his quest to seek the answers to his abilities took him throughout Canada and the United States until he found the solution to his quest in the rain forest of Vancouver Island.
I am presently seeking funding to explore and uncover the ‘Tomb of Moses’ as was described in my book “Of Jesus and Madmen”. The initial exploration will be to assess the sight then contact archeologist(s) and a documentary film crew. If you wish to contribute to this remarkable adventure, contact under ‘Recover the Tomb of Moses”.