It is time now to reveal the Prophecies that have been passed to us from Edgar Cayce and Mother Shipton. I will begin with Mother Shipton who lived in the 16th. Century and whose works in rhyme are highly regarded.
In my book “John 16: verse 12-13″ I have a section in which I have documented my prophecies for the near future. Mother Shipton indicated” And yellow men great power gain, From Mighty Bear with whom they have lain.”” These mighty tyrants fail to do, They fail to split the world in two”. I prophesized in my work, that the Third World War will begin as many smaller versions of ‘Civil Wars”. This is true now in the Middle East, where we now have groups battling for…? The lands of Ancient Persia (Iran-Iraq) are the ultimate prize because of the oil that wait to be exploited. Russia has successfully set a ‘blockade’ of the Mediterranean and controls all shipping through the middle east and Turkey by taking over the Ukraine (Crimea).The Chinese will invade the lands of Iran and Iraq to secure the resources there. They base this on the premise that ISIS is controlling the Resources and Governments that posses them. It is based more on control than liberation. Thus, the world will be at war.
Edgar Cayce predicted that the Messiah will become in the year 1998. Unfortunately, for the Christians, it is not Jesus coming out of the sky with trumpets blaring and Angels following with Mighty Swords. Some look to this Prophecy as unfulfilled but I view his warning “And there will be a Reckoning”, as both a fulfillment and warning of the times that are to come. To define “Messiah” one can look into the dictionary or if Christian, the New Testament of the Bible. It indicates that it will be an individual or group that begin a new era of peace upon this plane of existence. To do so, the forces of ‘Darkness’ must be eliminated. This will be ‘the reckoning’, when those supporting the ‘dark energies’ will no longer be in this plane of existence.
I began my work in 1998 as ‘Healer, Prophet and Teacher. Since that time, my work has been criticized, demeaned and forsaken as “Snake Oil Salesman and Anti-Christ”. My works speak for themselves and I will gladly put my abilities to a test. However, there are no takers, just critics. Thus there will be a ‘Reckoning’ of those who have again walked away from the ‘messenger’.

“All Life is Sacred”. A creed known to those who believe in Universal Harmonics. Yet, as we move forward into the next phase of evolution, has mankind accept his role as custodian or implode with unconscionable earthly desires.The act of “Baptism” was created to forgive ‘man-made sins’ which inhibited growth and expansion of spiritual knowledge. It also offered a new beginning for the ‘earthly soul’ to begin a journey of awakening. My books “ John 16: verse 12 and 13” and “Of Jesus and Madmen” are an understanding of these ‘sins’ imposed on our psyche and to clear a path to ‘awareness’ that will transform the individual and the world.